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Celebrate Father's Day by giving generously to the cancer research charity of your choice.

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 "Over the past decade, we've made tremendous progress in our understanding of the molecular changes that lead to cancer, offering new insights for prevention and treatment. However, dwindling federal funds for research have threatened this progress and jeopardized the "translation" of these discoveries into treatments for our patients. Creative charitable efforts such as The Father's Day Fund provide a welcome source of funding in these difficult economic times. Now more than ever, every dollar helps.

"As an oncologist and a research professor at Stanford, I know firsthand of the value of these contributions allowing us to fund promising young scientists and projects.  Thank you for any donation you are able to make."

- George A. Fisher MD PhD
Associate Professor of Medical Oncology

Director Cancer Clinical Trials Office
Stanford Cancer Center


"Thank you for your support of the Hutchinson Center. Through fundraisers like yours, the Center is able to sustain world-class research in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer and related diseases."

 - Jennifer Pawlosky, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


"Father's Day is a good time to think about what we are grateful for. We believe it is also a good time to give back and help those who have struggled with this terrible disease."

 - Jordan Royer, Seattle, fathersdayfund.org, Co-Founder 


"What better way to get our friends and loved ones involved in helping to battle cancer?  We all benefit when we advance cancer research, so give the gift of life instead of a necktie."

 -   Mike Jacob, Oakland, fathersdayfund.org, Co-Founder