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 Celebrate Father's Day by giving generously to the cancer research charity of your choice.

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The Father's Day Fund was created for Father's Day 2008 to help find a cure for cancer.  This website is designed to help direct funds that would otherwise be used to purchase ordinary presents for Father’s Day towards the cancer research centers dedicated to finding cures for cancer. 


How does the Father’s Day Fund Work?

You support established cancer-focused research institutions through a “Virtual Fund” by giving to cancer research in lieu of giving physical gifts.  To give through Father’s Day Fund is easy: 


1)  Go to either the contribution page or a profile of one of our partner institutions to give.


2) Then download our Father's Day Fund card, which is an acknowledgment of your gift that you can then give to your Dad, Son, Husband, Uncle, Nephew, Friend, you name it. Or, if you'd prefer, send a commercially available e-card.  Or both.  Your choice.


3) Tell us about your gift and to which Cancer Research institution you made it.  Reporting the directed contributions made through this site will  help us measure the difference that this effort is making to this important cause.


 Is the Father’s Day Fund collecting contributions for Cancer Research?

NO - this website is just a matchmaking tool to help you find the Cancer Research Centers that need your help.  100% of all contributions directed by this site go directly to the charity of your choice - we do not touch any of the money that is contributed, we do not receive a percentage of any of the money contributed, nor do we charge any cancer research center a fee to be on our website.  Our broader philosophy of giving is to help these important charities tap into a “Virtual Fund” – and our fund is as large as the hearts of those giving.


What if My Favorite Cancer Research Charity is Not Listed Here?

Our contribution page lists numerous Cancer Research Centers. If your favorite cancer research charity is not listed please let us know.  We will work to add their listing to our site. In the meantime, please go ahead and make a contribution, even if they aren't listed yet, and provide the full name of the charity, when prompted, when you report your contribution to us.


What if My Favorite Cancer Research Charity is Listed, but it isn't a Father's Day Fund Partner?

Our contribution page lists numerous Cancer Research Centers, but we highlight only those cancer research charities as partners that have notified us that they would like to participate as Father's Day Fund Partners.  You can still go ahead and contribute to whatever cancer research charity you wish, but partner charities will have the opportunity to participate in Father's Day Fund media, have featured listings on our website, and have their logos prominently displayed. 

How Can I Help Support Father’s Day Fund?

First and foremost, spread the word!  Our success depends on you!

Link to our site, forward our notices.  Second, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our site and helping to make it bigger and better each year, please contact us from the sponsor page.  WE ALSO ENCOURAGE YOUR FEEDBACK!  Please let us know your thoughts, suggestions, criticisms and comments.


More Unanswered Questions?

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