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The Stanford Cancer Center (SCC) focuses the world-class expertise of 300 researchers and clinicians on the most critical issues in cancer research and medicine today.

These dedicated individuals work together in multidisciplinary teams to unravel cancer’s secrets and to transform the latest detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention discoveries into the most advanced patient care available. Combining these advances with comprehensive support services, the SCC is committed to giving patients every clinical and technological advantage in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The SCC advances its mission through:
       Comprehensive patient care
       Research discovery and medical innovation
       Advanced professional training
       State-of-the-art facilities
       Community outreach

Charitable gifts to the Stanford Cancer Center provide critical resources to develop new therapies, prevention strategies and methods of early detection that reduce the occurrence and impact of cancer. Your support enables us to advance promising new research and treatment programs, train future generations of physicians and scientists, expand vital support services and share our knowledge with the community.


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